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It took me months to choose and design the new www.WomanOfWorth.co.za website… in fact I designed a brand new html website and discovered it was incompatible with mobile devices, so it was back to the keyboard and mouse to start again. Then I had software issues, and decided to move to our new server and software and start again. During these months of frustration I struggled with the lack of results I was producing and my own high standards, without realising the blessing of the learning curve I was on. *Smile*

In retrospect, despite all the delays and what I believed was my indecision and lack of productivity… was in fact a necessary time of development and growth, and essential to boost my confidence after not working for a couple of years. *Smile*

I’m really happy with the results of my efforts and I love my new Woman of Worth website and the software platform we are using.

It’s a great place to continue learning and growing… and a wonderful place for me to write and publish, and to re-publish favourites from my previous archives of 10 years.

www.WomenOfWorth.co.za I always envisioned as a platform I would share. *Grin*

Yesterday afternoon, while chatting to my daughter through the excitement of recent events on our Kaleidoscopes Facebook page, and this www.WomanOfWorth.co.za website… she agreed to help me manage and administer www.WomenOfWorth.co.za *Grin*

Very exciting news!

We aren’t fixed in our ideas of what we envision… except that it be a platform for all women of worth to share and find a voice.

We have chosen and installed the software… and we are ready to start!

What we need is content… from you. *Grin*

First… submissions for adverts, so we can work out the details of our layouts and costs… so we can provide a pricing structure!

AND for those chosen, you’ll have 6 months free advertising on the website. *Smile*

Please email your information:
Contact name, Company name, all contact details for advert, logos and photos. The best information and photos will be chosen.

Email your submission to: mands@womanofworth.co.za with the subject line, “Women of Worth Advert Freebie”

And since 13 is my daughter’s favourite number, we’ll be choosing at least 13 submissions for 6 months of free advertising. *Grin*

Next… we’ll need your help with the content.

Submit your poems, articles and writing for publishing. Include your contact details, website or blog address and let us know if you want those included… often articles freely published can make a difference to a business… and certainly generate interest.

So whether your business is large or small… or even just you, this is a great opportunity to be part of something special.

Remember we are giving away 6 months free advertising for 13 advertisers on www.WomenOfWorth.co.za …submit your info, tell your girlfriends and your sisters, moms, aunts, nieces, cousins and even your grans. *Smile*

I’m so excited, let’s get started.

Email: mands@womanofworth.co.za

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