Women’s Day 2015

27 Wow Notebooks!


I’m very happy to share, that I recently celebrated my 27th wedding anniversary (in May 2015), and I can honestly say, I love my husband more today than I did when we were first married, even though at the time it was inconceivable, that I would love him any more than I did in that moment. *Smile*

We’ve been challenged with trials and tribulations and gone through some really rough patches, and right now Dave is away for a couple of months on an Oil Rig maintenance work project, 947 km’s away in Port Elizabeth, and sixty days feels like a very, very long time to be apart. *Sigh*

There are some benefits that I’m going to focus on, *Smile* …I usually write and share more, I get more work and chores done… and when Dave returns home, it’s like falling in love all over again… but without all the nerves and insecurities, and just with the yummy feelings and confidence in the relationship we share and the love we have for each other. *Smile*

There are also other milestones that I want to acknowledge and celebrate, *Smile*.

This month it will be 9 years since I registered the domain and published the website on the 1st July 2006, it will be Women’s day on the 9th August and it will be 9 years since I wrote the Woman of Worth poem on the 15th September 2006… so I have decided to celebrate by giving away 27 Woman of Worth notebooks. *Grin*

I’ll be giving some to women who have inspired me, touched my heart and made a difference in my life. *Smile*

And I’ll be giving away some to our website visitors and facebook fans who share their comments about women who have inspired them, and made a difference in their lives. Please read “Your positive influence in other’s lives.” to participate. Thanks 🙂

The Wow Notebook with the Woman of Worth poem printed on the first seven pages, was handcrafted in Hluhluwe, Zululand with handmade paper and a hand beaded motif by South African Women of Ilala Weavers. Some of them have ‘Woman of Worth’ in vinyl for variety, also made by South African women.

The inner paper and back card is manufactured in South Africa from 100% post-consumer waste and no bleach has been used, resulting in a wonderful tactile texture and appearance of this recycled paper.

Each notebook is 12 cm x 12 cm in size, and includes 50 pages.

The Wow Notebooks will also be on special at R50.00 each until the end of August 2015!

Please email mands@womanofworth.co.za to order, thanks! 🙂
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