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My friend Charmaine moved from Kwa-Zulu Natal to Cape Town a year ago… and although we have stayed in touch through email and phone calls, and of course I have stalked her on Facebook, *Smile* I don’t logon to Facebook nearly often enough… it’s just too distracting and time consuming. *Smile*

Charmaine’s only visit earlier this year was too brief, and only allowed for a two hour lunch that felt like seconds. *Smile*

Although my birthday was in September, and Charmaine tried very hard to have a gift delivered on the day, it only arrived this morning, and is definitely worth the wait. *Grin*


A personally designed “Woman of Worth” mug
with a photo of Dave and me, with a message…

In here are reasons why I believe you are a Woman of Worth.

Please take only one piece of paper every day to read for the next month. xxx

I tried very carefully to gently open the plastic cover… and then ripped it, taking out just one tiny slip of folded paper, which read, “Your Creative Spirit!”


I’m tempted to take out another, and read more… however I’ll restrain myself and behave… *Smile* tempering my impatience by endeavouring to explore my worth through my creativity.

Thank-you Charmaine for a delightful, thoughtful, special truly me gift.
I love it… and I love you.

Lots of love and laughter


WOW Cup1

Woman of Worth… Mug of Love

  1. Your creative spirit.  Read More
  2. You are an elect lady.  Read More
  3. Your love for your friends.  Read More
  4. Your wonderful laugh.  Read More
  5. Your positive influence in other’s lives. Read More
  6. Your love for God’s creations. (We Have Monsters Read More)
  7. Your dedication to your family, friends and everything you tackle.
    (At Least I Have Ducks Read More)
  8. Your love for the scriptures.
  9. Your love for animals.
    (My early onset of dogmentia! Read More)
  10. Your willingness to always help others.
  11. Your love for your family.
  12. Your loving relationship with your husband.
  13. You are a daughter of God.
  14. Your beauty that shines through.
  15. Your intelligence.
  16. Your honest heart.
  17. Your example of faith in prayer.
  18. Your kindness.
  19. Your Integrity.
  20. Wonderful friend.
  21. Your sweet spirit.
  22. Your wonderful hugs.
  23. Your beautiful smile.
  24. Your thoughtfulness.
  25. Your beauty without and within.
  26. Your sense of humour.
  27. Your positiveness when things are tough.
  28. The light of Christ that shines in your face.

Written, on Sunday, 2nd November 2014
Published, on Thursday, 13th November 2014 

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