The Chair

Certain Achievements need Celebrating!

I’m not sure why, but when I was younger… in my late 20’s and thirties, it was much easier to make a living working from home.

I appreciate in retrospect, that although I’m doing a more modern version of the work I used to do …I didn’t really have a lot of competition as I found a niche market, and was more than fair in my pricing, so we did well. *Grin*

I also worked really hard and very long hours when necessary. *Smile*

Often actually.

I also appreciate that South Africa has changed significantly in the past 20 years, and our economy is dramatically different.

Although my focus has changed in the direction I want to go with the work I want to do, especially with my Woman of Worth website… and that its fun and I’m really enjoying myself… and that I’m only just beginning to make the products we have been busy with available to buy… like the Wow Notebook, *Smile* the sales I’ve made and the money earned, has been a significant step for me, so I wanted to do something special with my first R500.00 *Grin*

I know it’s probably not a lot by most standards… however, so significant for me at this time. *Smile*

So what to do with it… and what to spend it on. *Grin*

When I first started working at home 22 years ago… I bought a gorgeous desk, and we had new Apple Macs, printers, scanners and all the office equipment I didn’t even know I needed.

However, the two chairs we had just weren’t comfortable, especially for the long hours I used to spend at my Apple computer.

It was late one afternoon that Dave wheeled a really old looking office chair into our home, where I was working… and exclaimed enthusiastically with unabashed pride, “Look what I have for you!”

I was absolutely horrified at what I saw before my eyes.

An old chair that looked older than I was. *Sigh*

(Actually I believe it is older than I am). *Grin*

“the Chair” looked like it was still covered with dust and maybe even a bit of grime, even after Dave had hastily wiped it off in the garden, before bringing into the house.

We’d only been married for five years… and I was still head over heels in love with my husband… and this wasn’t the first ‘unusually romantic gift’ Dave had given me.

The first being a puppy… the ugliest although cutest puppy I’d ever seen, with a scrunched up face and absolutely no sign of any significant heritage, except a mish mash of naughtiness, love and loyalty. *Smile*

Thankfully as I stared at the chair, my heart was filled with the love that I have for Dave… rather than my lack of love for old forgotten things hidden in a dusty corner of someone else’s garage.

Hiding my trepidation, I got a cleaning cloth, Mr Min, polishing cloth and the vacuum cleaner and went to work… before I would allow “the Chair” to be wheeled any further into our home.

Finally I sat in “the Chair” …and discovered bliss. *Grin*

I later found out that Dave traded his prized multi meter for the gift of my chair… and years later… many years later… even though the padding is completely flattened… and the wheels need to be replaced and the upholstery redone, it is still the most comfortable working chair I have ever sat in.

The Old Chair

“the Chair”

I guard it jealously… hate anyone sitting in it… and love it deeply. *Smile*

It is the only chair I have ever ‘written’ in… late into the night at my computer… in the early hours of the morning, the very early hours when all my family are still asleep before the sun is even up… and sometimes I worked in this chair for 12.. 18… and even 36 hour stretches.

I soothed my children in this chair when I had a deadline to meet… helped with homework, and when Jess was born, I breast fed while continuing to work at my computer.

“the Chair” and I have survived three children together, five moves, and at least half a dozen computers… and even two cats when they decided to make it a scratching post for a couple of weeks. Although the cats are still with us, they know without doubt they can lie on chairs and monitors, shed on bookcases and beds, prowl on kitchen counters and cupboards, and even sit on ‘the Chair’ …but it is not to be marred in anyway, despite its current dilapidated state.

It was a couple of weeks ago while on Facebook that I by chance saw a ‘chair’ …that I knew would be the right purchase for my significantly earned R500.00 *Grin*

The cost was right, the chair perfect… the means to get it home the only hindrance, until it arrived last night. *Grin*

A significant Woman of Worth chair to celebrate the start of my new endeavours, while continuing with long ago dreams. *Grin*

Thank-you for every Woman of Worth Notebook and soap purchased, I’m so grateful for your support and very happy with my ‘new’ chair.

Some purchases are just significant, and certain achievements need celebrating. *Grin*

Happily Sat,

The Chair

My “new” Dark Blue Leather Chair! *Grin*

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