OCD Creative Chaos

I used to have an organised, very clean, very freshly fragranced home… with everything in its place. I am was a very organised person. A perfectionist. 🙂

The first gift Dave ever gave me, was a puppy… that I called Chelsea, whose face looked like a squashed Chelsea bun… *LOL* who came with a fluff ball, a very naughty fluff ball that had a fascination with biting the tyres of moving cars.

Chelsea escaped through the ‘kitchen fence’ within the first month we had her… and the fluff ball chased Chelsea through the lounge, over a chair, across the couch, through a plant pot, over a chair, across a table and through another plant pot… around, and around, and around… and around. I know this, because although we were only out for about 30 minutes to buy puppy food and some groceries, by the time we arrived home… there was a very big round ring of dirt where once my immaculate lounge and brand new lounge suit used to be… on the new carpets, in the house that had only been completely built 6 weeks before.

The carpets would never be the same.

The lounge suit would never be the same.

I would never be the same. 🙂

Since then, my life has been filled, starting with Chelsea and her fluff ball… and then 11 puppies, so more dogs… and then babies, (human) and bunnies, and fish and birds, and fantail pigeons and feather feet chickens and more bunnies, and snakes and mice so I could feed the snakes, and dwarf hamsters, and dwarf bunnies, and more snakes and spiders and cats that have travelled with us every time we moved. I remember one move, when we had to transport Chelsea and the bunnies, and about 10 fantail pigeons and more than 20 birds and pheasants and bunnies and fish and a cockatiel more than 500 km’s. Oh my goodness… from a huge house and garden to a tiny house and garden that was just building rubble and weeds. *Grin*

Chaos ensued for weeks. It was my chaos… so it was organised chaos. *Grin*

We have moved eleven times in 30 years of marriage, and after renting for the past ten years, we finally bought a house. I wanted something smaller to retire to with much less cleaning. Dave wanted something affordable so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed and financially burdened.

Instead… we have an interesting house, with more space then we could have imagined, that actually fits us and our needs perfectly… that’s taken lots of scrubbing and cleaning, loads of work, more than 100 litres of paint and still needs more, two flats in the garden corner, one empty and almost ready to rent, one with delightful tenants…

Lots of potential… quite a bit of chaos… however, it’s my chaos so it’s organised. *Smile*

A garden that surprises and delights me.
A house that’s becoming a home… our home. *Grin*

At the centre of the chaos… is my delightful Jess, who inspires and challenges me with her courage and strength… encourages and intrigues me with her creativity… and drives me just a little crazy with her troop of dogs not far behind where ever she goes. *Grin*

I don’t know what I would do without her.

Love you a lottle my Jesse
(It’s like a little, but a LOT!)

My Jess

My children tease me about my ÖCD *Obsessive Compulsive Disorder*… however, when I’m cleaning and organising and dusting and sorting… this is when some of my best ideas spark, and if I nurture them… they grow… hopefully by the time my space is clean and organised, I’m not too exhausted to bring the idea into reality. Then the “creative mess” starts too. 🙂

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