Not One… but TWO Strangers to the Rescue!

Gratitude and thanks…

Saturday, 11th April 2015

Last night my husband went to the local Pick n Pay to do a small shop before they closed at 6:00pm. My husband thought our eldest son had put petrol in the car because he had been using it for the day, however when he came through the Splash on the way home, our car stalled on the steep incline out of the Splash.

Needless to say he phoned our sons to go and get him some petrol and to rescue him from the side of the road. They raced off to the garage with a bottle, filled it with petrol… and then raced off to help their dad… neglecting to check their own petrol gauge.

Even though they put the entire bottle of petrol into our car, the incline is so steep, the car didn’t even splutter. *Smile*

Deciding to rather tow their dad home, they hooked up our car and proceed to run out of petrol themselves. *Sigh*

Fortunately, a stranger with a good heart and a big 4×4 stopped and offered to help, towing Dave and our car all the way home. *Smile*

While Dave was on his way to the garage to fill the bottle with petrol in his car which has a full tank, another kind hearted stranger with a 4×4 truck stopped to help our sons and towed them all the way home. *Smile*

Thank-you so much to the strangers that stopped to help, we are all really grateful… whoever you both are, I hope this message reaches you… you are the reason why Waterfall, Kwa-Zulu Natal is such a wonderful place to live.

It was just one of those days, when one thing after the other seemed to go wrong… And I used my patience quota during the week long before Friday morning, and lost my temper a couple of times during the day, much to my own chagrin, which is probably why my husband only told me what happened this morning. *Smile*

The road to our home goes through the Molweni River called “The Splash”
…enjoy the photos.

14247551 14247690

The Splash!

DSC07570 DSC07569



2 comments to “Not One… but TWO Strangers to the Rescue!”
  1. I stay in Forest Hills, just around the corner from you, people in this area are truly great, last Wednesday we were involved in a car accident, the local Smiley Pizza Delivery guy (Clement) swerved on his delivery bike to avoid a car that cut him off and straight into me and my family traveling in the opposite direction, he is in hospital with multiple injuries and both his bike and our car (neither insured) are write offs, within an hour of the accident a Facebook page called Upper Highway Heroes was created where many of the residents of the upper highway got together to raise funds for Clement to get him a new bike as that is his lively hood, they offered to help raise funds towards the repair of our car too but I graciously declined as we have another vehicle and stable income so we will get it sorted eventually Clement needs it more. Truly a great area we live in!!!

  2. Thanks Chané for visiting and sharing such wonderful feedback. We love living here and really enjoy the people, and find it one of the most friendly places we have ever lived. I think you were very gracious in declining assistance, so that others can be helped… and I’m so happy to hear that Clement is getting the assistance he needs. I’ve joined the Upper Highway Heroes and look forward to participating. All the best, much love and blessings Mands

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