Not Done

I have 100s of photos edited. A dozen articles written. Heart to Heart experiences to share. Creative writing submissions to publish. Boxes to unpack. Emails to answer. Websites to create. Facebook pages to up date.

And none of it is done.
Life happens and you have to prioritise.

And count your blessings, even when it feels like the sky is falling. Maybe especially when it feels like that.

I kicked my toes on a piece of wire left in the dark on the back patio, the pain excruiting as the wire pierced my skin hitting bone and nail… not sure which was worse.

The only reason, I didn’t fall… having just recovered from the last head first, slide on knees, hands and toes across the back rough surface patio, scrapping and grazing my skin, in the most painful way…. because I had my hand through Dave’s arm… and he stopped me from falling.

A constant blessing.

I’ve waited 5 months… yes five, for a home cooked, slow cooker roast beef, in our very own kitchen, in our very own home…. and what better occasion to celebrate than welcoming our new tenants with Dave’s hot roast beef and gravy rolls.

Scrumptiously delicious yes… No!
The she-devil wolf puppy, pushed open the security gate door, so quietly I didn’t hear it… and it always scrapes so I hear it.
Not this time. Nope.

I know she climbed on the granite kitchen counter like a stealthy cat… eased off the slow cooker glass lid… without a single sound.

Ate the crispy on the outside… fall apart on the inside melt in your mouth roast beef. Every morsel.

And then licked every minuscule drop of the most delicious gravy essence you have ever smelt and tasted… I know… I smelt. I tasted… just one spoon…. so clean, that Dave wanted to know where the roast was… and why the slow cooker had been cleaned and not put away like the roast.

Yes, it was in the guilty fiends tummy.

So I’m grateful for half price Dominoes pizza, that we could buy enough for ourselves… and our new tennants… and our neighbour.

Even though they laughed so much, because they thought we were joking about the roast being eaten… and that wasn’t really steam swirling from my nostrils. 😁

And it was delicious. The Pizza!
Three Cheeses… my vegetarian friends would be proud. However, I could not resist a piece of bacon & pineapple, and a piece of salami & pineapple… and something I don’t know what it was… I swoped it from someone else’s box. 😋

Least you think I’m so shallow that this is about a stolen roast beef… and very sore toes and feet… alas I wish it was.

My heart aches, for a friend whose sister tried to commit suicide… and now lies in a coma. A sister. A daughter. A mother… heartbroken while continueing to hope and pray. So poignant just days after I shared my “Suicide and Heartache” on my website on Sunday, just a few days ago.

My temper flares in anger… that a man threatens a women and her children, with intimidation… waving his gun… damaging their property, and that their only recourse is to move… losing thousands, what else could they do?

In a society where we no longer trust those who are paid to serve and protect.

How have we allowed the very justice that serves us, to become so corrupt our safest choice is to move on… start over… carry on… try again?

I count my blessings for a husband who loves me… cares for me… and protects me with the strength of his love.

In kindness. In gentleness. In trust, love and loyalty. In humour… happiness, joy and laughter.

And when I’m angry… or sad.
Frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling helpless… he let’s me be. Be me in that moment… the me of confusing swirling emotions… until I can be who I really am again.

Right now, I don’t want to dance in the rain… I want to stomp and jump and behave like a two year old having a tantrum kicking up a thunderstorm… for all the right reasons, even though I know it’s still wrong.

So I’ll count my blessings… and let my tears fall like raindrops, knowing that the sun will shine… the rain will fall… the sun will rise… and set on another new day…. and however small, just like a tiny raindrop… we’ve made a difference… and together, those tiny raindrops create a rainbow.

Renewing hope.

Love and Blessings to You and Yours

After three and a half months…
I finally took the time to have a salt bath soak, eating popcorn and watching a favourite TV Series, while I languished in the most comfortable bath I have ever soaked in.

I’m feeling….

Grateful. Happy.
Blissfully R E L A X E D!

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