Mandela Day Puppies!


Pandora with her six puppies!

It’s a good thing that the half dozen appointments and activities that I had for today, have been cancelled or postponed as we didn’t get much sleep last night.

Our sons, asked us to home their dogs for a short time while they are in the process of relocating from Gauteng to KZN… and they are hooligans. *Smile* (the dogs, not the sons… well, maybe both… or all four. *Grin*).

Last night, Pandora (the dog), snuck into the house and into Jesse’s bedroom… and had six tiny puppies, on Jesse’s bed.

Adorable… absolutely!
Cute… sure!
Messy… certainly!
(And I know it will only get worse).

This is most definitely an unplanned pregnancy and not what I wanted or needed in my life right now.

Fortunately for Jess, Dave is away on a work project, so she happily slept in my bed… as it took most of the night for each puppy to pop out every 30 to 45 minutes. As I said, not that we were able to get much sleep last night. *Sigh*

“Unplanned” as sometimes reality just won’t be accepted until the evidence is irrefutable.

These have been common conversations in our home the past few weeks.
Jord… “Pandora is getting really fat!”
Jess… “She’s pregnant.”
Jord… “She can’t be pregnant!”
Jess… “Of course she can, just look at her… and have you never heard about the ‘the birds and the bees’?”
Jord… “Really Jess, of course… but Pandora isn’t pregnant, she can’t be, she isn’t even close to a year old yet!”
Jess… “Just wait!”

Well, we had less time to wait than even we expected.

Me… (Mands, mom), calling Jordy on his cellphone as he was at friend’s house last night.

“Jord, Pandora is having puppies!”

Jord… “Whaaaaaaat!”


Fortunately we have two months to do the responsible thing… and ensure that we find loving homes, and take the necessary steps to make sure that each of the puppies receive the right care and medical treatment, and that their owners do the responsible thing. *Smile*

If you would like a puppy… please, let us know!

Here they are ONE day old!


I named mist, night and gankster.
Jess named scilly, breeze and vyn.


Don’t ask, I don’t know why?

Sweet dreams. (I hope 🙂 )


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