Heart To Heart Oldies

Jesus taught: “Honour thy father and thy mother.”
~ Matthew 15:4

Legacy of Love and Kindness ~ Part 2

A few weeks ago, while lying in bed on a misty rainy morning… I was contemplating how much money I had in my bank account, and wondering if I had enough to go to the Mall and buy 11 pairs of pyjamas and slippers, on one of the prolific sales that were being advertised at the time, so I could put something in the still almost empty Heart to Heart Oldies Bags.

I was very intent on honouring the commitment and promise I had made to my Mom, while she was visiting us in September, especially as she had made 6 lap quilts for our project during her less than three week holiday with us.

At the time, although my budget is almost always strained… Dave says I’ll never be rich as I give too much away, *Grin* we hadn’t decided to move… or buy a house, and now our *extra* budget was almost non-existent, for anything other than our personal needs.

However, as I read about the plight of some of our seniors and the incredible difference that The Elders Voice KZN were doing for those in desperate need, especially Uncle Mike, who was rescued from a shack on a construction site, on top of a hill and had to be carried down… even in his state of fear, hunger and dehydration… I was determined somehow to honour my Mom and fulfil her desire to provide Heart to Heart Oldies bags for 11 of our seniors, close to the same age as my mom.

Most people don’t know my mom… she’s quiet and has served her husband diligently through years of illness and recovery… a back operation, diabetes made worse by his refusal to take his meds, three heart operations and almost five years of dementia. If that wasn’t enough, she’s made more than three dozen quilts, in just one year that she gave to disabled veterans… and so much more.

I could do this… we could do this… I just wasn’t sure how.

Within an hour, I received a SMS, with a commitment to help. That day, after just a couple of phone calls, Teresa and her husband Heinrich, had through their company made a promise to provide help for our Heart to Heart Oldies Bags. *Smile*

A good friend, who’d provided the cakes for my 51st Birthday party, Sherryll… had asked to help on our next projects, and had made a commitment to provide biscuits and chocolates and her daughter Michelle, had offered to help through requests for support from the parents of her preschool…. Teresa and Heinrich were parents that responded to Michelle’s request.

My heartfelt prayer was answered, without me even realising what I was asking for or even what I needed… just that I needed help.

And answered in such an incredible way, which had me emotional and shedding lots and lots of tears that day and the next. Happy, happy grateful tears. *Grin*

Teresa went shopping… and filled the bags, and I’m so incredibly grateful, inspired and humbled. Teresa and her husband were definitely an answer to my prayers… and I’m just so excited to have our lunch with our Oldies this Saturday and give them their Heart to Heart bags.

Although it’s been difficult to write, and take photos and share, while moving and now unpacking, and especially trying to get ready for Saturday, I believe it’s important to share kindness, and generosity and how gracious so many people are. *Smile* (There’s so much negativity that’s shared on social media, we have to try in every way we can to share the good that’s being done, and the “Kindness that’s being thrown like Confetti.) *Smile*

Thank-you to Teresa & Heinrich for your kindness and generosity, our bags are full of goodies and gifts, including the best pyjamas and slippers. 🙂
Tosas Binder Excellence www.tosas.co.za & Tosas Facebook

Thank-you Sherryll for the homemade biscuits and chocolates, lovingly made… and the playing cards for the men, and the pencils and adult colouring for the women, I would never have thought of that… and we love to *adult* colour. 🙂
Made with love by Sherryll Galvin Facebook

Thank-you Michelle for being instrumental in making the project happen, and for your amazing support. 🙂 (And for an overflowing room, for our next projects).
Happy Valley Educenter Facebook

Thank-you so much to Karen Buxton for writing the letters and Christmas cards and providing the Christmas Tree Decorations. 🙂

For lunch we have…
Chicken and Butternut Lasagne made by Sam from ClevaBaba Facebook
Rice and Salad by Jess
Vegetable Breyani &
Desert (Made with love by Sherryll Galvin Facebook )
Cool drink from Dave

If you’d like to contribute or join us in providing a meal, groceries, clothes, toiletries, Christmas Decorations or treats for our Heart to Heart Oldies this Saturday, 16th December 2017 in Amanzimtoti, please let me know soonest.

We also have boxes of stuff to sort that we’ll be taking next year, and hopefully we’ll be able to continue helping these special people, so no contribution is too small. Thanks 🙂

Love and blessings

Lap Quilts made by my Mom

Heart to Heart Oldies Bags

It’s with deep sadness that I read the news that Uncle Mike passed away. So sorry that we won’t be able to give Uncle Mike his Heart to Heart Bag. Thank-you to everyone who is contributing to our Heart to Heart Bags and Lunch on the 16th for our 10 Heart to Heart Oldies… I just thought you should know the sad news. I never met Uncle Mike… although I hoped to shortly. His circumstances and his story touched a deep part of my heart, and inspired us to help and do something to contribute. Thank-you Uncle Mike and Joanne for touching my heart. There by the grace of God go I.


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