I’m a Hoarder and Loving it!

We started moving into our new home on Friday, 1st December… since the painters never arrived, and none of the other contractors that were supposed to sort things out during the past 12 days have arrived… it’s been a bit of a challenging move. *Grin*

We moved our last load on Sunday… and I finally started unpacking yesterday, amidst absolute chaos, and even though I know it will probably take a few weeks to get unpacked and organised, we are really, really happy in our new home. *Grin*

While we were painting our bedroom (and sleeping in the lounge with Jess and the dogs 🙂 )… it was difficult to even consider unpacking as the furniture was just plonked in disarray. *Grin*

When we finally got to clean and move our bed and furniture into our clean freshly painted bedroom… I was blissfully happy, even though the bookshelves in my office and our bedroom are empty… and all I have hanging in my wardrobe are t-shirts and blouses, and I have no idea where my jeans and skirts are. *Grin* (I’m happily living in pyjamas.)

Last night was the first opportunity that Dave had to go into the 2nd bedroom… the house only has two traditional bedrooms. When he came out, he asked if all that stuff was ours… or for “The Projects”? *Grin*

Dave has accused me of being a hoarder recently, and I’m OK with that… “my stuff” is hard worked for, hard earned and gifted with love… and allows us the materials we need to do a lot of our projects. 🙂

In the next breath Dave exclaimed, “You aren’t going to get attached to any of it and keep it, are you?”


Yes, there is a lot of stuff… and a lot of it is for our Heart to Heart projects during the next couple of months… and there’s more to come. *Grin*

I’m really grateful for a big 2nd bedroom… and so grateful and humbled by the kind generosity of so many for our Heart to Heart Oldies Bags and Heart to Heart New Moms and Newborns Bags.

Thank-you so much for ALL the *Kindness Like Confetti Thrown at Us*.
With Love and Gratitude

Our 2nd Bedroom, just as it is today!

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