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Heart Touchingly Inspired…

The other day I asked my daughter Jess, for a copy of her “I Am For You” poem, which she wrote when she was fifteen. I was a bit shocked when she said it wasn’t on her computer… it was on my Woman of Worth blog… which was backed-up and then deleted when the domain was transferred to our new server.

The problem being that when I started working on the new server, I decided not to re-publish the back-up, and to start fresh with a new website and design. At the time I wasn’t sure if I would go back and re-publish any previously written and published work… or just start from scratch. *Sigh* It took me six long months of experimentation, trying different designs, creating a new design, changing, changing again… and changing some more, before I was happy… and during that time I actually gave up a couple of times and decided I was done writing to publish and share with the world, and would happily write just for myself… for the first time in my life… and not have anymore websites and blogs.

Amazingly, at each time of frustration… each day and week I wanted to give up and just not do this anymore, as sometimes often it felt like I was literally hitting a brick wall… I would receive an email asking where the ‘Woman of Worth’ poem was published, because some inspiration was needed, or I’d get a note of thanks and appreciation, or a phone call.

It’s difficult to articulate in words, with any eloquence how much that encouragement has meant to me.

I remember one very frustrating week… after another very frustrating week. My husband was away in Namibia on business, and he couldn’t get a flight home for three days, and then only on Good Friday via Cape Town with a three hour stop over… so it eventually took him thirteen hours to get home… but he did. *Smile* My daughter had been recovering from Graves disease, when she had a relapse and was really sick again, the car was giving me grief, I’d forgotten to pay the electricity and water account, which is very unlike me… and I was sicker than I had ever been in my life, experiencing the worst pain I’d ever endured, even worse than 17 hours of labour and childbirth.

And I received an email… these words touching my heart and filling me with encouragement and love…

Hi Mandy

I remember getting letters from you many years ago, I always used to enjoy reading them…

…I remember one letter in particular – made a lasting impression (still to this day). I read it a few days after my father passed away – I felt as though what you wrote… specifically had a special message to pass on to me as it was just so relevant, comforting and so close to home! 

…I found your website not long after that & was completely blown away by it! Although, it has taken me a little over two years to send you this message – you have often crossed my mind & I have wondered how you are doing, how your family is and hoping you are well!

I just sat down to work through my Life Coaching course material when you crossed my mind again & I was compelled to write this email. I noticed you haven’t updated your website in a while – so I really hope this email gets to you!

I read through your Woman of Worth poem again this evening. It is one of the most beautiful & inspiring poems I have ever read. It is so powerful & I think for the first time I was able to truly comprehend it. It’s magnificent!

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the impact and difference you have made in my life. You are an inspiration and angel! The world is a much better place for having you in it & I aspire to make a positive difference and leave a lasting impact on the world around me, as you have done and continue to do!

With sincere love and appreciation

I sat and sobbed, and even though I have read Melissa’s words a few times since the first time I read her email… I still can’t read them without tears running down my checks, and love and appreciation filling my heart. *Smile*

Twelve months after moving all our domains to the new server, this Woman of Worth website is the only one published. *Grin*
(Excluding our client websites of course. *Smile*).

Whilst that probably doesn’t say much about my productivity… determination, or commitment… it is actually a major accomplishment for me, and I’m very happy with the website and that I can add pages and articles at any moment and it just enhances the website… and the experience for me. *Smile*

To Melissa and to all those women who have encouraged me… for writing and emailing just at the moment I most needed it, thank-you.
For Tizzy, Heila, Kim, Gail, Anne, Maureen, Ann, Jenny, Bev and my mom and Jess… and many more for your words of inspiration and upliftment. Thank-you.

This is for you… in my lovely daughter’s words.
Love and blessings

I Am For You
by Jess Swinburne

This is for everyone that I love, and that loves me.
This is for all my friends, past and present.
This is for those who have taught me something,
or helped me become the person I am, and the person I will be.

This is for anyone who influenced my life positively.
This is for anyone and everyone who guided, nourished or cared for me.
This is for the people who knocked me down and then picked me back up.
This is for anyone who ever smiled at me,
winked at me playfully,
and cared enough to ask me how I was.

This is for those who helped me when I hurt or let me help them when they hurt.
This is for those who helped me with a problem,
or held me while I cried,
and let me do the same for them.

This is for all those who made me cry, and in a way, made me stronger too.
This is for everyone who guided me when I was lost or found me in the dark.
This is for anyone who danced with me in the rain
and laughed with me in the sun.

This is for the people who inspire me to be a better person,
or tried to push me a little further into the light.

This is for those who have shaped and molded me,
and taught me how to be myself.

This is for the people who helped me through adversity
and ‘loved me gently into being.’

This is for everyone who made me do something I didn’t want to
and helped it to become one of my amazing life experiences.

This is for anyone who was a cliché with me, or helped me bash one.
This is for anyone who rocked my socks, and let me rock theirs.
This is for the people I laughed, cried and smiled with.
This is for the people who watched the stars, moons, and clouds with me.

This is for those who came out of the bad with a stronger heart
and a better outlook on life, and helped me to do the same.

This is for those who caught me when I jumped and taught me how to fly.
This is for anyone who loved me enough to tell
me when I was wrong, and helped me to do right.

This is for everyone who showed me the blessing in the bad,
the good that can come from chaos and
the sometimes necessary in the calamity of life.

This is for the people who supported me when I was about to fall,
and helped me achieve success when I was on the brink of failure.

This is for my first love and my first crush
and the person who taught me the real value of ‘firsts’.

This is for the people who deserve to be among the stars
and the people who showed me to see my reflection in the clouds.

This is for all the angels in disguise hiding throughout my life,
and for those to whom I have been an angel.

This is for the people who encouraged me
to stretch and grow my gifts and talents.

This is for those who told me I’m beautiful
and made me feel beautiful in my own skin.

This is for the people who hug me tight and spin me ‘round.
This is for anyone who stood at my back while I stared my fears
in the face and let me hold their hand while they did the same.

This is for the people who let me sing at the top of my lungs, even though I can’t.

This is for the people who taught me how to love
without condition and without restraint.

This is for the people who showed me the
colour in the dark and the spectrum in the light.

And above all else, I am for you.

© Jess Swinburne, 9th February 2011


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  1. Jess – be proud of what you have written here – along with your mum, you have inspired many hearts, including ours. xx

    • Aaaaw Bev, I was just thinking it must be at least 15 years since you started giving me feedback…. you are my best fan, and always write lovely comments and compliments. Thank-you so much.

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