Hope in This Moment

I wrote this for a friend in November 2011, inspired by her struggle with loneliness and challenges with despair and depression. An email from my husband a few weeks later sent me in search of what I had written, and the words became an inspiration for me. *Smile*

Recently, after reading the words, written nearly five years ago, I felt inspired to share them again. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration.

Silver Lining

Hope In This Moment

by Mands

If you’re alone and feeling lonely…
Give thanks for everything you can.
If you’re anxious and afraid, wondering how you can carry on…
Acknowledge with gratitude all that you’ve done,
Having hope in this moment, celebrating the gift of today…

Your heart will brighten and your load will lighten,
As you realise the miracle that sharing provides.

When your burdens are heavy and your shoulders are drooping…
And you find yourself looking down all the time…
Count every step just for a time,
Then look up and take courage from Heaven…

It’s in kneeling in prayer,
That you discover how much you are surrounded by love…
For it’s said that even the evil one trembles,
When the weakest of us,
Bows in sincere and humble prayer.

Give thanks all the time,
For everything you can…
As it’s gratitude that provides the silver lining,
Around even the darkest cloud…
The light that keeps faith alive,
And hope striving on.

© 16th November 2011 ~ Mandy Swinburne

There have been times in my life when I have been positive,
always seeing the cup as half full.

There have been times in my life when I have struggled with negativity,
and struggled to even see that the cup was half empty.

Then there have been times in my life when I am grateful to have a cup ~ even an empty cup…

To catch the falling rain.

I hope that I have learnt enough to realise, that we are always blessed with a cup…

Sometimes we just have to remember to hold it up, and give thanks for blessings already on their way.

Celebrating this day with hope in this moment.
Love and blessings

First published 26th February 2012 ©

2 comments to “Hope in This Moment”
  1. Without hope we are in dispare. How must it have felt to be unjustly nailed to a cross.

    I thank God He knew exactly what was happening and finished the task. He allowed himself to die….so that I may have hope. Hope in the things not seen……in a life here after, to be united with love ones and to sing songs of praise

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