Heart to Heart ~ Chapter 1

HeartBursting ~ Pillow Bags


I thought I knew what *HeartBursting* meant… but I didn’t, until today.

Sometime in May 2017 I had an idea, and asked my daughter to make Pillow Bags …don’t worry, Jess didn’t know what I was talking about either. 😍

Sometimes when I have an idea, I don’t know either… because quite simply, it’s just an idea… and ideas need focus and attention… energy and work to become more than an idea.

That’s just how it is. *Smile*

I provided the fabric and batting, Jess and her dad went and bought a myriad of zips… and then she started making… Pillow Bags. *BIG Grin*

They are so wonderful, I just love them… and Jess made more… so we kept a few and gave away a few, and then I asked Jess to make more for a project idea.

I wanted 13 more plus two… for orphaned abandoned disabled children of all sorts of ages… being raised by an incredible single mother, doing what I know I can’t. However knowing that I wanted to help.

Me and my hubby, (who is also Jesse’ dad 😊) bought a few blankets, and decided we’d buy more every month until we had enough to go with each pillow bag.

When we had 6 blankets and 7 pillow bags, I shared what we were doing with a few friends who were so excited they wanted to join in and help… and when I shared on my personal Facebook page, more of our friends wanted to be involved.


We started with an idea… and then one pillow bag… and a few more pillow bags with some blankets… and in couple of months, there was so much, it didn’t fit on my table… *Grin*

It was fun, and exciting and absolutely wonderful.

Dr. Frank Barron said, “The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive and more constructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.”

I’m ok with being all of those things… because when I’m at my most creative and I follow an inspired idea, even if I don’t know where it will lead me… usually magic happens, because of the miracles and blessing that are gifted, in the most unexpected ways. *Smile*

The wonderful thing about creativity, is that it grows exponentially… and creativity just love’s friends.

Be Inspired
Be Creative
Be Gracious and Grateful

Lots of Love and Laughter

These are the first Pillow Bags that Jess made….

From single pillow bags made with fabric and batting that we had…
to a pile of pillow bags and blankets…
with even more that arrived during the following weeks. 🙂

A quilt made by Jess, Beanies made by Diane and soap from her daughter Liza.

From a single pillow bag… to so much from so few!


With appreciation and grateful thanks to…

Dave and Maria for the Blankets.
Jess for the Pillow Bags and Quilt.

Diane & Liza for the Soap, Beanies and a Gift Box
filled with goodies and bag for Sammy.

Ian and Kate for Gift Boxes filled with goodies for Noah & Abigail.

Karen for a Gift Box filled with goodies for Benji.

Gail for Gift Boxes filled with goodies for Indi & Aphiwe.

Marje for a Gift Box filled with goodies for Caleb.

Debbie for a Gift Box filled with goodies for Daniel.

Melissa & Chrichan for a Gift Box filled with goodies for Njabulo.

Louise for a Bag filled with goodies for Tefo.

Tracey for a Gift Box filled with goodies for Bandi.

Katherine for a Pillow Bag filled with goodies for Phiwe.

Jess for the Boxey Bag and my Mom, and Dave for the Bag and Gifts for Sharon.
Michelle for Boots and Bags of extras that were just perfect when needed. 🙂

Given and received from Heart to Heart
with thanks and love

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