Have You Ever?

To do… or not to!

This morning after packing the dishwasher, I asked Jess and Jordy what they thought would happen if I put Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid in the Dishwasher and turned it on. *Smile*

We ran out of dishwasher tablets on Monday, and although Jordy washed the dishes by hand on Tuesday, yesterday I worked most of the day, and was really happy in my progress and with my productivity… I certainly wasn’t going to let a sink full of dishes distract me. Jess has an abscess or what our dentist is hoping is not a cyst, and she has been flattened by two different types of antibiotics that she is taking… and painkillers to help her cope with the intensity of the pain she is experiencing. Jordy fixed the electrical distribution board as our geyser keeps tripping and I was waiting to shower, and then he fixed a garden gate, and then he fixed the lawn mower, and since he already did the dishes on Tuesday, I wasn’t even going to ask him again. *Smile*

Since our budget is already trashed… and I’m counting pennies and using whatever money we have left for the month for food and petrol, a R100.00 box of dishwasher tablets just isn’t in the budget until payday… as we forgot to buy last month.

Optimistically, after loading the washing machine, I decided to load the dishwasher and use a little bit of Sunlight Liquid, asking Jess and Jordy what they thought.

Jordy of course being a 23 year old young man who often gets kitchen duty was all in favour of my daring, and enthusiastically encouraged me to go for it.

Jess unusually was in vehement disagreement, shouting across the lounge, “Don’t do it mom, you will have soap suds filling the dishwasher and flooding the kitchen… and you’ll trash the dishwasher!”

Surprised I asked her why she thought that?

Jess had already “Googled it!”


I’m not convinced that it would be such a problem if I used Sunlight dishwashing liquid in my dishwasher… at least I could get to prove their claim of one bottle washing a 1000 plates. *LOL*

However, I also remember the last time I accidently kept putting Sunlight hand washing powder in my front loader washing machine, and kept flooding the kitchen with the overflowing soap suds. It’s still busy “drying out” while we use the top loader that has been in storage and doesn’t seem to mind my accidental indiscretions. *Sigh*

So my question is… the dishwasher is loaded and ready to go without any ‘tablets’ and I still have a sink full of dirty dishes and a stove top full of used pots… and a week’s work to squeeze into two days…

Do I… or Don’t I?

And have you ever?

I’d love to know. *Grin*

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