About the Wow Website

Gratitude and Thanks

Although I started in Desk Top Publishing, design and printing in 1992, 22 years ago… and followed on to the digital age and web development 18 years ago in 1996, using NetObjects Fusion because we could use both Apple Mac and PC platforms… I only discovered WordPress in 2007, and after some trial and error, we were finally able to install it on our Windows server. A mistake in hindsight, as our Unix server has proven to be a much more stable platform, despite having to endure yet another giant learning curve. *Grin*

Although we continued to use NetObjects Fusion to develop websites, only using WordPress as a blogging platform to publish my writing in a directory linked to the website… with the cost of buying software in South African Rands against the US Dollar price, we have been more and more inclined to use WordPress.

WordPress is free and functional, and with 1000’s of free themes, you can find a theme that suits any type of website.

Having said that… I acknowledge with gratitude the WordPress team, for their continuing development of their blogging software, which is now very versatile and allows more creativity for website development… and for the WordPress community that create so many amazing and wonderful themes, some of them free, some of them not… some easy to use… and some needing a little work. *Smile* Learn more about WordPress on their website. WordPress.org

I love the WP Advocate theme created by Charles from WP Dev Shed, and I’m really grateful for his support and help. I looked for months to find a theme that I liked, and that would allow me to use photos and colours as a platform and backdrop for my Woman of Worth writing. The first time I loaded the WP Advocate theme to use, I was horrified when it looked nothing like the demo… and then really grateful for the learning and experience when the website was complete, and for the confidence it gave me after a two year hiatus from website development, writing and WordPress.

Thanks Charles and the WP Dev Shed Team.

I wouldn’t know code from a foreign language, however in 6 months during 2014, (after not working for two years, I know I have to emphasize it) I have changed code, to change all sorts of things on a theme… however don’t ask me how I did it the first time, because even when I did it a second time… and a third, it’s been more inspiration and reading on the support forums that have guided me to the final look I wanted to achieve.

I also love newly discovered tools, especially Image Widget which created the home page look. Thanks to Modern Tribe and Peter Chester creators of Image Widget.

The Woman of Worth website, makes my return to work and developing websites official. *Smile*

If you like what you see, please email me your needs… domain registration, hosting and email, and website development, and we’ll design a website and package to suit you, no matter your budget. (Or lack thereof *Smile*). We can also provide photography services, writing of website copy and editorial, designing of logos and other graphics for branding and packaging, as well as provide marketing services.

We have an incredible server and an amazing team. Included below are some of the website projects we have completed and that we are still busy with. *Smile*

Happily working…

Email:  mands@womanofworth.co.za  or  mands@thewhy.net