Courage… to have or not!

I was chatting with a new friend recently, who was lamenting the ‘state of our society’ …probably because she is really soft hearted and feels deeply, even for strangers who she has never met, or disasters that have occurred across the world.

The news has been full of tragic events and happenings… and catastrophes caused by natural phenomena…. tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes.

Her simple although rhetorical question of “Why?”…has inspired my deep and reflective thought, and although I am saddened for those who have suffered such loss, my heart has been touched by so many heroic and courageous acts that people have shared… with life changing heart-warming consequences.

Without evil or danger, there could be no courage… without suffering, there could be no sympathy, and without poverty… there could be no generosity.

Without cold, we would never appreciate the warmth of the sun.
Without the darkness of night, we would never look forward to the light of the dawning of a new day… without the depths and lows, how would we ever be able to truly experience the heights.

There has to be wickedness for us to choose goodness, and death is what allows us to appreciate with gratitude the wonder and beauty of life… and that every breath is a gift to be treasured.

If there were no “opposites” …how would we learn that we have a ‘choice’?
Although, on a recent shopping trip with a three, almost four year old, when I asked him what cold-drink he would like, I should have remembered how cleaver little ones are, because his simple, ‘can I chose anything?’ didn’t really forewarn me when he decided he wanted, “Coke!”

Knowing his mother well, I knew this was not a choice he was allowed, so I needed to very carefully and subtly negotiate my words through a three almost four year olds… not so innocent logic. *Grin*

I was able to gently persuade him with the wonderful array of ‘colourful’ cold-drinks… green, orange, yellow and purple… which were definitely considered in thoughtful depth. Finally after about ten minutes at the cold-drink fridge the happy decision of orange for himself and green for his brother, so they could share and enjoy both was decided.

It was a really fun experience for me, as it’s been awhile since my children were that young, as my ‘baby’ turns twenty-two on Friday.

Remembering this experience reminded me how much I love colour… and can you imagine this world… nature… without colour?

Imagine if everything was the same… same shape… same size… same function.
A world that had neither sound… nor silence.
A world that had neither sweet…nor sour.

A world that had no tears… and no laughter.

No beauty, or lack thereof.
No with, nor without.
No virtue… or vice.
No love… nor hate.

No peace… no meaning… no purpose.

No virtue, or vices… certainly no heroes, because there could be no villains.

Choose this day… who you will be.
Happy and grateful, despite the circumstances that you find yourself in, knowing you have a choice to make little changes every day, to do better… be better.

Look for the good, and be thankful for the blessings, they are always there.
Celebrate in the moment, with love and laughter,

Little Trent, my shopping buddy.

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