Confessions ~ “The Writer”

Confessions To My Therapist

(…that’s my beauty therapist *Grin*)

The Writer!

Chapter 11

Dearest Reader *Grin*

I had so much fun writing “Confessions To My Therapist.” …it was just one of those magical writing experiences that was pure pleasure.

I laughed and I giggled and I felt captured in a happiness bubble.

When I had finished writing the current chapters, I basked in the aftermath glow for a few days, and then emailed it to my hubby for his opinion and feedback. He loved it, laughing so much he nearly fell off his chair. *Grin*

Unfortunately, by the time it came to editing and publishing, doubt set in and I was like a clanging gong between two clashing symbols.

So much so, that I actually decided to just save the documents in my journal and not publish… until months later when I saw the cartoon below. *Grin*

My humour at my own idiosyncrasies was restored, and I decided… what the heck, if only one person has a good laugh, then my work is worthwhile.

Enjoy, *LOL*  &  *LOL*

Laugh Out Loud and Lots of Love



Thanks to Tom Gauld for the great cartoon.

These where the best and most informative links I found for “Lashes”.
(Most of the others were scare stories, rants and raves… and others seemed like total nonsense. 🙂 )

Eye Lash Extensions – Wiki

Lash Extensions – Huffinton Post

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