Confessions ~ Chapter 9: Lashes

Confessions To My Therapist

(…that’s my beauty therapist *Grin*)

Lashes, lashes… lovely lashes!

Chapter 9

Dearest Heila

I know what it means to scalp… Google says it means to take the scalp of an enemy.

So, I’m wondering if there’s a term relative to my current bare liddeness?


Seems the obvious opposite….


Losing my luscious lashes has been surprisingly revealing … and left me feeling uncovered. (Unadorned).

Losing my own lashes… has been, well indescribable… and left me feeling a bit naked.

Having a left eye with just a few lashes, and completely bare parts, with a right eye, obviously more adorned, could be potentially embarrassing and even disconcerting and distressing… however, I’m mature enough and I realised comfortable and content enough, not to let it bother me too much, and gave me pause to question if I would have another batch of lashes?

Absolutely, no doubt… without question! *Grin*

I deliberately made my first appointment, without researching the process, or asking questions and finding out more of what’s entailed… because I just wanted to have the experience, trusting in the most awesome beauty therapist in town!


Doing something I’ve never done before… and just enjoying, without knowing, has been a worthwhile change… and challenge. *Grin*

Would I do it again, exactly the same way?

Yes, absolutely!

I’ve already made my next appointment.

I’ll make sure I have eye drops… and I’ll never use anything but Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to remove any eye make-up or eye gunk ever again.

Unfortunately… on Saturday morning, my ego, lack of sleep, itchy eyes, inexperienced self, just couldn’t resist anymore, and I pulled off the rest of the lashes on my left eye lid.

And yes! …it was freaking painful, because my own lashes pulled off too.

And yes! …I am an idiot, and I won’t be leaving the house anytime soon and not before my next lash appointment. And yes! …I did bunk church on Sunday. That’s probably the reason I spent the day pulling off the lashes on my right eye.

Yes, Heila… I’m an idiot. I’m very sorry I ruined your wonderful work.

Please don’t fire me as a client.
Please let me know if my own eye lashes will grow back?
Please… please… please don’t be mad.
Please… please… please forgive me.

OBTW… I haven’t thought about it before, but I don’t suppose you can put on luscious wonderful lashes, if there aren’t any of my own lashes to stick them to. (Oh feathers!!!)

Bared, exposed, unlashed… confessed.

PS… And NO don’t be ridiculous, there aren’t any freaking photos! *Sigh*


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