Confessions ~ Chapter 4: Lashes


Confessions To My Therapist

(…that’s my beauty therapist *Grin*)

Lashes, lashes… lovely lashes!

Chapter 4

Dearest Heila

Disaster, has struck!

Some idiot neighbour insists on burning his grass cuttings, branches and leaves. Of course there is smoke and burnt bits and ash in the air… which has blown into our garden, and filled the patio and wafted into our dining room where I work.

My eyes have been burning and watering, and even though I rinsed with water, I didn’t use the Baby Shampoo like you told me.

I’ve rubbed and washed and fiddled… and some of my beautiful eyelashes have come out.

My eyes are itchy and red… and sore and watering. *Sigh*

Stupidly, I haven’t even thought of washing my eyes with the Baby Shampoo.

This really isn’t good.

Mournful Lashed,


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