Celebrate in this Moment!

I have discovered… 

That the more I celebrate my life, the more I am thankful for my blessings, and the more I am grateful no matter my circumstances, the happier and healthier I am.

Reason would suggest that’s perfectly logical, however, when the geyser bursts and there is water dripping from the ceiling onto my bed, soaking my feather duvet and our only duvet cover, and it’s pouring with rain outside, and my husband is away on the other side of the country, and my son and daughter are both sick with the flu, and we have two sick bunnies, and two naughty puppies pooping all over the place… and… and… and… it’s difficult to remember to count my blessings and be grateful… and that I have hot running water and a shower in the morning, (on most days *Smile*), that I have a warm comfortable bed, with a home that has a ceiling… that my husband has a job and is a good provider, that I have wonderful children and a family that I love very much, that I have a garden… and a veggie garden that does provide because of the rain, and the sunshine… despite the bugs and the monkeys which are a constant challenge… and after many years of marriage, (25 years at the time), my husband bought our first dish washer and a new automatic washing machine. *Grin*

In moments of frustration, and during times of challenge and trials, it’s easy to give into more feelings of frustration and even despair, unless I take the time to celebrate the moment with gratitude, and the way for me to do that, especially when I am feeling just a little low… is to write, and explore my feelings and discover what’s really going on in my heart. *Smile*

Most of the time when I write, it’s like a flow of words and inspiration almost too fast for my fingers to type, and if I get stuck, it’s because I haven’t articulated myself as honestly as I should, so I take a little break, reflect on my feelings, read what I’ve written, then backspace until I know when to start again… and carry on. *Smile*

And always, no matter what is going on in my life at the time… I embody my emotions, discover the truth of my feelings, learn from my experience and I’m able to find gratitude in my heart. *Smile*

Celebrate in this Moment… is where I share some of my personal experiences with you.

I love feedback, so please comment and share on each article.

Much love and blessings

Celebrate in this moment…
your tears and your laughter,
with love and gratitude
for the miracles and blessings
that fill your heart and your life.


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