Cake Miracle

Heart to Heart ~ Chapter 2


As some of you know I wanted to do something completely different for my 51st Birthday… and that was to have a party for 12 children and their single mom. Most of the children suffer from either incurable illnesses or disabilities, and yet they are happy and cheerful… mainly because of their single mom who has rescued them from all sorts of unthinkable circumstances even abandoned at the side of the road… and despite their current struggles, she is happy and optimistic and has deep and abiding faith.

If you are going to have a Birthday party you have to have cake… so I ordered a very large cake and 2 dozen really cute biscuits from Sherryll.

As the day for my birthday party approached, the number of people & volunteers joining us, increased… and my husband correctly presumed we needed more cake.

However, my budget for this party had already been exceeded, and I promptly responded to him that there would be plenty of cake, and he needed to have some faith… didn’t he remember the fishes and the loaves. *Grin*

Even though I was secretly just a little nervous… while boosting my own faith. 😋

Just two days before the party, even though I hadn’t said anything, Sherryll let me know that she was providing a second large cake the same size… and double the amount of biscuits at no extra cost.

I had my cake and biscuit miracle. *Smile*

And there’s more…

On the day of my Birthday Party, Sherryll brought the two very large cakes, and more really cute biscuits than I could count… and a delicious double layer Birthday Cake for me to take home, as she was concerned I wouldn’t get to have a piece of my own cake at the party… and of course I didn’t.

It was wonderful…. Absolutely delicious. 😋

My mom gave me cash… which paid for half price pizza courtesy of Domino’s, and of course there was plenty of cake and biscuits thanks to Made With Love – by Sherryll Galvin.

… and lots of chips and cool-drink and so much more brought by friends and volunteers who helped on the day, so that each of the children were able to brush and groom and ride on the horses for the very first time… thanks to Tracey and so many volunteers from SARDA Durban, who do absolutely amazing work for disabled children.

Please Like & Share their pages… they do such wonderful service.

SARDA Durban

Made With Love – by Sherryll Galvin

Thank-you, have a wonderful, happy day


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