Braced for Criticism… Shocked by a Compliment

Hello Monday

Hello Reflective Introspection…

Hello Criticism or Compliment?

Just recently I phoned to compliment a therapist for the wonderful treatment she had provided. I could hear the hesitation in her voice when I initially explained who I was… then first the shock, and then surprise, as I gave her a compliment and thanked her for her exceptional service. When I asked if she thought I had phoned to complain… she responded that most people do… and no-one had ever thanked or previously complimented her… which just made me feel sad.

I have been asking my family and friends… if they compliment and extend gratitude as often or more or less, than they criticise and complain… and also asking how many complaints and criticisms they receive… in comparison to the compliments and gratitude they receive.

I’m even more saddened by what most people have shared with me.

During the past couple of weeks… I continued with my ‘experiment’.

Tuesdays are ‘refuse removal day’ …and two weeks ago on Tuesday I was ready and waiting for our Refuse Truck to arrive in our street. I stopped the Refuse Removal Men and Truck from speeding away as they usually do with a wave and a shout, asking how many there were of them… five was the response including the driver. Jess, my willing conspirator ran to the front gate handing over five KitKat’s extending thanks for their service. *Smile*

The Refuse Removal Man who met Jess at the gate, looked at the KitKats like they were a snake about to bite. The Refuse Removal Truck Driver shouted in Zulu… and they were off with a wave, and confused expressions on their faces. *Grin*

A week later when shopping in our local Pick n Pay, I wasn’t feeling very well so I was hurrying to get finished so I could get home. First, my teller was helpful, and reminded me of some Smart Shopper specials I would have missed… and our packer took my two loaves of bread to slice in the machine. While I was concluding my shopping transaction I asked our teller to call her supervisor. Although obviously shocked, and concerned she did so hesitantly… as the supervisor walked towards us, I could see he was obviously bracing himself for criticism. I explained to the supervisor that I was grateful for the extra help and courtesy that the teller and packer had extended me, and asked if he could please sign the KitKat’s I had bought so I could give them each one as a gift.

I’m not sure who was more surprised. *Smile*

There have been a few other ‘experimentations’… and mostly, people have been surprised and even shocked when we have extended thanks and gratitude for their service, and compliments for exceptional help.

Although it may take just a moment and a word of thanks to express gratitude… it does takes thought, consideration and a positive willingness to actually do so… and to do so often.

I believe I’m a person who often extends compliments and expresses gratitude… I know that I need to do more, and that I can do more… and I’m always inspired and uplifted by the difference it creates. *Smile*

Thank-you for your sharing and participation, it really is very special to me.

Be Amazing

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