Amazed by Grace

I saw something amazing today…

You smiled, really smiled… I saw your lips curve and your eyes light and my mother’s heart jumped for joy.

I saw something amazing today…

You laughed excitedly while sharing your enthusiasm about a new idea… a real possibility, and my heart skipped a beat as you took a step forward into your life.

I saw something amazing today…

Your courage… your bravery… your determination to try… your confidence bloom… and you simply took my breath away.

I saw something amazing today…

Your faith deepened… your trust strengthened… your prayers were answered… and I silently expressed grateful thanks for the blessing of Amazing Grace.

I saw something amazing today…

Five years since you first became sick… four years since you were diagnosed with Graves’ Disease… five deadly Firestorms bravely endured… four years of awful meds with the worst side-affects… five months of withdrawal… and then you were… simply well. No medical explanation… no human explanation or comprehension… Heaven tipped and bestowed a miracle.

I saw something amazing today…

There are no words eloquent enough to capture the depth of my heart’s desire… the long moments that stretched while watching you breathe, and counting your heartbeat, and willing you to live, and silently praying as tears silently fell… while you sojourned in a drug induced slumber… and deciding that each of your waking moments would be filled with seminary study, love and sharing laughter.

I felt something amazing today…

My heart softened with gratitude for blessings bestowed, and the gift of a miracle given… and I shed healing tears as I saw His Grace in your countenance.

I felt something amazing today…

Shared prayers… answered, while waiting on the Lord.
Shared healing… the gift of renewal, the bonds of familial and eternal love.
Shared truth… strengthened faith and the power of trust in God Almighty.

I felt something amazing today…

Grateful thanks with a heart full of love for the miracle of your blue eyes shining   full of life.

Dedicated to my wonderful, amazing, daughter… Jess, I love you!

After five years of illness and four years of struggling with Graves’ Disease and the rare and life threatening complication of a “Firestorm” in her body… Jess is now in full recovery. The Firestorm as we hoped and prayed for has burnt itself out… and she has been blessed with a complete neutralisation of the Graves’ Disease – HyperThydroidism a very rare blessing. After five months of withdrawal from the meds that she has been taking for four years, Jess is finally recovering from the side-effects of the disease and the medication… and rediscovering life… and living as it should be experienced.

I am more grateful than words can express for this incredible blessing.
Celebrating with love and laughter

© Mandy Swinburne ~ 6th April 2017

Please read more about Graves’ Disease and a Firestorm in the body.

Please share to create awareness and understanding. Thank-you!

When Jess was diagnosed there was no information available online, now that awareness is increasing, there is much more information and I have found these links the most helpful.

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