52nd Birthday Gifts

I have so much already, so I asked my family rather than presents… I’d like gum poles and wood so I can build a greenhouse.

Of course nobody has listened…. and I’ve been showered with gifts. *Smile*

  1. The gift of sunrise.
  2. The gift of a new day.
  3. The gift of friendship.
  4. The gift of support.
  5. The gift of healing.
  6. The gift of renewed faith.
  7. The gift of a new venture. (That’s absolutely Wow!)
  8. The gift of life.
  9. The gift of family…. and forgotten photos found… scratched and scarred and a little bent and battered, although lovingly treasured and tearfully appreciated… none-the-less.
  10. The gift of adventure.
  11. The gift of dreams come true.
  12. The gift of beauty, surrounding me everywhere.
  13. The gift of trust.
  14. The gift to write.
  15. The gift of delicious cake and eating it with fresh strawberries.
  16. The gift of answered prayer… and to know I’m known, better than I know myself… and loved more than I can imagine.
  17. The gift of inspiration.
  18. The gift of creativity.
  19. The gift of sharing.
  20. The gift of friends.
  21. The gift of wind chimes to remind me of the gift of the breath of life.
  22. The gift of sunshine and rain… and the blessing of both to create rainbows… I love rainbows and remembering the promise that was made.
  23. The gift of sleep… oh how wonderful it’s been to go to bed and sleep for 10 hours. *Grin*
  24. The gift of pie… and I’ve eaten so many this year… lots for the first time… like Key Lime pie. Cherry pie. Apple pie. Lemon Meringue pie. Strawberry pie. Pecan pie. Banana Cream pie. Blackberry Pie. Peach Pie. I just love pie. 🙂
  25. The gift of a comfortable bath… that I can actually get out of on my own… where I am right now writing this. 🙂
  26. The gift of our new home… where I discover blessings every day… and although not perfect and needs lots of TLC… is just perfect for us.
  27. The gift of our tenants.
  28. The gift of our garden… that surprises me every day.
  29. The gift of trees that have transformed overnight, from bare branches… to being covered with new leaves.
  30. Of course… the gift of Spring…. and the Summer to come… and planting our first edible tree… a Mango tree. *Grin* Then finding a Pawpaw tree in the corner… and a giant Avo tree in another corner. Smile
  31. The gift of growing things in our Conservatory…. and having a Conservatory… a dream come true.
  32. The gift of the Earth.
  33. The gift of the Sea.
  34. The gift to See…
  35. The gift to hear… and listen, no matter how difficult it is for me… because I always want to talk. I love to talk. *Grin*
  36. The gift of having loving ears… that listen to me… even attentively.
  37. The gift of free tables… a sewing table… and a potting table… although not perfect with some dings and dents… perfect for our needs.
  38. The gift of being heard. Listened to …and responded too. The gift of being acknowledged.
  39. The gift of fabric… we have so much fabric gifted to us during the past few weeks for our new project. Sample books and bags and metres of the most gorgeous fabric. Thank-you so much. You have humbled me with your kindness, friendship and love.
  40. The gift of being humble… it’s a tough one for me… however I have discovered that, it is a wonderful gift and blessing.
  41. The gift of kindness.
  42. The gift of smell… I love aromas and how pretty flowers and even fruit smells… and delightful things cooking in our kitchen.
  43. The gift of taste… and having a husband and children that cook delicious food… so I don’t have to. *Smile*
  44. The gift of laughter and making every day ordinary happenings into special memories to treasure… and the gift of having a sense of humour… mine has been hard won and earned. Grin
  45. The gift of hope.
  46. The gift of so many Happy Birthday wishes from near and very far…. and the gift of technology… to chat to those I love, across the land and over the sea.
  47. The gift of motherhood.
  48. The gift of my children… they are my most treasured gifts.
  49. The gift of gum poles. *Grin* and The gift of free wood… 😍 and the gift that my Greenhouse will become. *Laugh Out Loud* …even though Dave says my poles aren’t in a straight line. *Grin*
  50. The gift of love.
  51. The gift of 30 years of marriage to my best friend, my Dave…. my love.
  52. The gift of ME. And that it’s only taken me 52 years to appreciate and learn that complicated simple lesson… *Grin* and the gift of another year… to learn and grow… celebrate with gratitude, love and laughter, how very special and blessed I truly am.

As I felt inspired and started to write… I wondered how many Gifts I would get to, before I struggled to find another to complete my list of 52… and then I was gifted to realise I’m so blessed… I could add another 52… times ten… maybe more.

Thank-you all
Love always


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