Those days…

(Wow Inspirations)

There are good days when the sun is shining, the sky is a gorgeous azure blue… and the weather is perfect. The garden outside my back patio next to my desk is vibrant with gorgeous birds and butterflies, and stunning dragonflies and insects… and the chores are manageable, I feel happy and productive, and I manage to accomplish something, relevant… if not always important. *Smile*

Then there are better days when my ill daughter has a good day, and she enjoys her studies, and is able to complete her selected course material, and chores before the end of the day, with enough energy to spend some time doing something creative and crafty… And my husband happily shops… And cooks… And the house is relatively neat and tidy. *Grin*

Then there are the best days… when all of that happens… and my husband has an exceptional day, (because he nearly always has a good… or a really good day *Grin*) and our sons are happy and doing well… and our daughter has a day when she almost forgets she’s still fighting a debilitating disease after more than two years… and she is happy… and joyfully grateful… with more energy than usual. And I just love being alive and celebrate every moment. *Smile*

There are challenging days when things go wrong. (Constantly!)
The geyser or water pipes burst or both. A bunny escapes and lands in the pool…
The electricity keeps tripping… and there are power outages… and the car is problematic. There isn’t time to do anything… and the chores pile up almost as much as the bills have… and Dave is so busy at work, he doesn’t have time to chat… and our sons feel very far away in Gauteng… and I wish my family who are scattered around the world lived closer… and Jess has a headache, or even a migraine, and she feels nauseas and she has a runny tummy, and her temperature spikes, and her heart races… and, and, and it requires every ounce of courage and energy and patience and love to get through each moment… just a minute at a time.

Then there are days when I am so tired when I wake-up in the morning, I just want to stay in bed and watch a dozen episodes of the same show and have a TV series fest.

And then there are those days… when electricity outages… have caused internet outages… which caused my brain to outage, and I forget to pay the telephone account… or the rent… or worse the electricity account, even when I have been meticulous with our budget and accounts for almost all our 27 years of marriage as it’s just not the priority it used to be…

Those days… when I have no patience, and I know my heartfelt prayers are answered because of the emotions and frustrations I manage to control, and don’t allow to bubble out and spew out, even when I am short and terse… and Dave doesn’t understand because he’s at work and Jess just doesn’t want to be sick anymore, and she wants the energy and vitality and the clear mindedness and ability to study and learn like she used to… and although we try so hard not to…  we still clash, and argue, and spark at each other and say things we don’t mean…

Those are the worst days.
When neither of us wants to say sorry and we stubbornly do our own thing.

It’s those days when I need inspiration…
Connection… understanding… empathy.
Without human interaction.

Thought provoking… reflective… contemplative words.
Kind, gentle words.

Healing balm to the soul.

This webpage is for those words that touched my heart and inspired me… gave me comfort, and calmed me… and allowed me to take a breath… and try again… and again. *Smile*

Please save, copy and share the inspirations below… as much as you want. *Smile*

Thank-you, with love and laughter and thanks for helping me to get through… “Those days!”



“We all have times when life feels
when we’re frustrated and
tired and just want to hide away.

If that’s you right now, don’t worry…
every caterpillar has to rest
to become a butterfly and you’ll
soon find your wings again.”

~ Anna Taylor


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“Raise your words, not your voice.
It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

~ Rumi

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