Daddy Will Be Home For Christmas

Jesus taught:
“Honour thy father and thy mother.”
~ Matthew 15:4

 Tuesday, 5th December 2017 

John was such a sweet little boy. So it was no surprise to hear that he believed that his Daddy would be home for Christmas.

Early in November he was telling his Sunday School Class that Daddy would be home.

The Sunday school teacher went to Mary, his mother, and said, “Is Mac coming home for Christmas?”

“Oh, no,” Mary responded” he is on shipboard through the New Year and is not expecting to be back for several months.”

Now this was common during World War II and many families were separated for many months at a time not to mention the ones who lost their loved ones entirely. Mary went to John and tried to explain to him that Daddy would be gone much longer than that. But John stood his 3-year old ground and said

“I know that Daddy is coming home for Christmas.”

Mary tried to reason with him but he would not budge. Christmas Eve came and he went to sleep believing that Daddy would be home the next day.

Then late in the night, the doorbell rang. Mary went to the door. As she approached the huge glass door, she could see through the shadows the image of a man. She turned on the lights and there standing before her was Mac. He held a large Teddy bear, and several bags. Somehow his orders had changed only a short period before.

John knew something no one else knew. He had the “faith of a child.”

~ Author Unknown


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