The Gift of Refreshment

Our Rubbish Collector Runner

“I was thirsty and ye gave me drink.”
~ Matthew 25: 35

Saturday, 2nd December 2017

The Gift of Refreshment on a Hot Day

On Monday, 13th November 2017… Jess went with her dad to shop, and bought a 6 pack of 500 ml Energades & 6 KitKats. On Tuesday morning, Jess was awake, dressed and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Rubbish Collectors at 6am in the morning… when the sun was barely awake *Smile*…and even though I explained that the Rubbish Collectors seldom arrive before 9:00am, Jess was so excited she could barely sit still… so there was little chance of either of us getting any more sleep.

We decided it would be better to sit at our dining room table and wait, rather than remain upstairs, so that we could more easily catch the attention of our Rubbish Collectors, as they are really fast… much faster than we are. *Grin*

Every vehicle that sounded remotely like a Rubbish Truck had me holding the dogs and Jess out the door to try and catch the runners.

Eventually, two and half hours later, the first runner of the Rubbish Collectors came running up the hill, to gather all the black bags in a group… when Jess waved at her from the gate holding up a cool drink, the sincere gratitude on our Rubbish Collector’s face was humbling… and her profuse and genuine appreciation, made us both feel very emotional that such a small gesture of appreciation and thanks, as a cold drink and chocolate, could be met with such unexpected surprise and sincere gratitude.

We had an hour to recover from our overwhelming emotions, after the runner took a drink for herself and the other two runners, while we waited for the Rubbish truck to arrive.

Jess stood at the gate, happily waving while two of the Rubbish Collectors approached, and then the driver drenched in perspiration, his face a glow in gratitude begged for some cold water.

Of course we raided our fridge and deep freeze for our cold and frozen bottles of water, giving them what we had.

The experience of giving six bottles of cold drink and six chocolates to a Team of Hardworking Rubbish Collectors, was emotionally humbling because of their unexpected surprise and profound and sincere gratitude, thanks and appreciation.

Two very happy Rubbish Collectors posing for a photograph. 🙂

Our Rubbish Collector Driver… so happy to receive
bottles of cold water on a 30° Celsius day.


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