51st Birthday Party

“Freely ye have received, freely give.”
~ Matthew 10:87

51st Birthday Party at SARDA Durban
with Bridges of Hope for Children

So many gave so freely…
I felt inspired to share, with grateful thanks and appreciation. *Smile*
(Thank-you to those of you who have waited patiently for the photos. 🙂 )

My work table was not large enough to hold everything we received.

It took a week to sort everything out, and pack the bags.

I was so excited… I could hardly sleep…
and so humble and happy and simply wowed. *Smile*

The day dawned bright and pretty, a perfectly warm day with a gentle breeze. My mom gave me cash for the petrol to transport the children, and for half price pizza – another unexpected surprise. The RidgeTop Grooms, who don’t work or get paid on Saturdays, groomed the horses and ponies, prepared the saddles, raked and swept the arena and carried the tables and chairs and other items for our day. Tracey and more than 20 SARDA Durban Volunteers, gave of their time and energy… and brought cool drinks, chips and treats. *Smile*

My staff, Pretty and Lameck, were collected by our volunteer driver, William and his wife, Henrietta… who all refused payment, and gave of their entire day, to collect the children and ensure they were transported safely… and then happily helped the whole day… with the children, carrying and holding and ensuring that everyone was safe and looked after. *Smile*

Sherryll of Made with Love by Sherryll Galvin, provided two cakes and lots of cookies and biscuits, at no charge, and brought her family to help celebrate with the children. 🙂

It was simply, a magical, magnificent miraculous day, that had me overwhelmed with emotion and happiness… that I will always remember and treasure.
Thank-you to so many for making this happen.

Lameck with one of the children. 🙂

For most of the children it was their very first experience of horses…
and there was just so much excitement.

Playtime was no distraction from the horses. 🙂

Only two of the children had ever seen a horse before… and they all got to touch and groom and ride, with the help and support of the amazing, caring and wonderful SARDA Volunteers, always ensuring the children’s safety, comfort and ease. It was fascinating to watch anxiety and trepidation transform into absolute joy on each of the children’s faces… and the wonder of the experience, just can’t be captured on a still life photo or even a video. *Grin*

The children were enthralled by the experience of the ponies and horses…
and even though there were squeals of delight, lots of loud laughter and
even shouting, in pure excitement… the SARDA Durban ponies and horses, are well experienced with children and especially those with special needs.

The SARDA Durban Arena is a magical place for me… when it’s empty, there is this quiet tranquillity that echoes possibilities and hope… and all around in fields and paddocks horses graze contentedly.

Then the horses and children arrive at the SARDA Durban Arena… the horses and ponies are always calm and content… while often the children arrive, grouchy and grumbly and not very happy… and then they go up the ramp, some of them in their wheelchairs, onto the back of a horse. The transformation in just a few minutes is breathtakingly spellbinding, as the Arena rings with laughter and singing, and sometimes even dancing to music… the miracle is, that often when children first start attending the “therapy in motion” lessons, provided free of charge, courtesy of the hardworking SARDA Durban Volunteers and Chairperson, Tracey Cummings… lots of the children don’t and can’t speak, or communicate… and in just a term, or even a year, their improvement and abilities, are measurably improved… and they even start to sing and dance towards the end of the year…  All on the back of a horse. *Smile*

Our Heart to Heart bags… ready for handover.

Receiving Heart to Heart Bags… unpacking and opening gifts

Grateful thanks to….
Tracey Cumming ~ Ridgetop Equestrian www.ridgetopequestrian.co.za
South African Riding for the Disabled – Durban in Shongweni  www.sardadurban.org.za
Made with Love by Sherryll Galvin
And more than 50 volunteers and contributors who made this day possible… and so memorably special.


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