indigo WinDs

When my daughter Jess was 16, she rescued a pygmy shrew from the swimming pool… almost dead. Sobbing, she brought this tiny soaking wet, bedraggled creature to me, and begged me to help. After drying it off… phoning the vet and seeking counsel, she then begged me to say a prayer.

Despite my exasperation, I couldn’t ignore this tearful heartfelt plea… and so we went upstairs to my bedroom, and holding the tiny shrew wrapped in soft tissue, I closed my eyes and said one of the most touching inspiring prayers of my life.

It was a beautiful… emotional experience, and I felt warmth surround us as the tiny creature stirred in my hands.

Somewhere in my journal I have written about my emotional experience, and we have photos of how we watched over and ensured the little shrew recovered, before we let it go. Of course we had to name the little thing… something special, and so we called it Indigo!

Sometime later, Jess wrote a poem called Indigo Winds for her Beautiful Chaos blog… and as I was reading the words, I wanted to share them with you. *Smile*


indigo WinDs
by Jess Swinburne (2011)

indigo WinDs
RUn trailing fingers
through my
unTAMED silk
scarleT fire
dances in my sOUL
leading waRmth
to my deepthless
silver secrets
Fill My Eyes
with unCONTROLlable
inconceivable, riVeting
violet earth
heals my Scars
hidden dEEp
inside, fAR from
golden LOVE
wraps ME
tight, as YOU
unfailingly, hold ME
protection, from THE
harsh CUTS
of the WORLD

© Jessica Swinburne

Pygmy Shrew

Pygmy Shrew

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