I Am Excited About!


This January I am excited about the warm wonderful summer, the rain that has fallen and that my grass is green.

I’m excited about my family… and that my son has a job…. and that we have been blessed with some amazing and wonderful opportunities.

I’m excited that after a nine month relapse of Graves Disease, and a firestorm in her body, my daughter has finally stabilised on her medication, and that she is starting to feel better, despite the side effects of the medication that she has to deal with every day.

I’m excited that some of my projects have started to come together, and are showing growth. *Grin*

I’m excited that my mom who I haven’t seen in more than four years, told me she was coming to visit for two weeks. *Smile*

I’m excited to be alive… I am excited to be living in Waterfall, Durban KZN. I’m excited to be in South Africa… and to experience such beauty and wonder every day. *Smile*

I’m excited to see close up… the gorgeous green snake with black markings, that is on the fascia of our front patio. It really is gorgeous, and watching me as interestedly as I watched her… *Smile* (Jess, my daughter decided she is a girl).

I’m excited to be 49, and that I am learning and growing, and that I finally get some stuff. *Grin*

I’m excited that even though I would much rather have my slimmer, trimmer and much more energetic body of my early thirties, I’m experiencing a new self-assurance and confidence, a wisdom even… that I struggled with at that age.

I’m excited by the phone call that I received this morning… if my husband can prove that he worked for the company that he did work for more than 23 years ago… there is a surplus pension that will pay him out. *Smile*

What are you excited about this year?

Happy New Year!


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