Happy Women’s Day

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Last week when I was frustrated and struggling to stay calm… ok I didn’t, *Smile* I am spring cleaning, organising, writing, scrubbing, working, tossing out, uploading to the websites, cleaning, sorting, donating, recycling and dusting so we can paint for the imminent arrival of my mom, who I haven’t seen for five years as she lives in the USA… *BIG Grin* my husband shared a wonderful experience he had earlier in the week, which touched my heart, dissolved me into tears and renewed my determination and enthusiasm. *Smile*

My husband has a work colleague that he admires and respects greatly… for her hard work and capabilities, her high ethics and principles and because she is calm, professional and articulate… and she has a great sense of humour which makes working together even more enjoyable.

What he didn’t know last week when he spontaneously sent her my Woman of Worth poem in an email, as acknowledgement and thanks for helping with an ongoing issue that she finally resolved… was that she is recently divorced, and after a very big promotion is living overseas with her young son, and obviously now has no family or friends nearby, so she sometimes feels lonely and from her response, definitely not a “Woman of Worth”.

As she read the Woman of Worth poem… the words touched her heart, and although she shed enough tears to empty a box of tissues, the reason for sharing was realised… as she felt inspired and uplifted.

“You have me all emotional, the poem is breathtaking and causing goosebumps, your wife is such an inspiration and so are you… thank-you for always uplifting my spirit, no words can describe. Truly blessed to have you on my side.”

Normally I wouldn’t share such personal words of appreciation, *blush* however I wanted to, today… so that we would all be inspired and motivated to share the Woman of Worth poem with someone who needs it… *Smile*

Please follow the link to read and share  Women of Worth poem.

Be inspired… Be wonderful… Be awesome… Be happy.
With grateful thanks and appreciation,

Mothers dance

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