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SARDA Durban

SARDA-home1As sometimes happens, life gets a little crazy… I have too much to do and not enough time, and the chores and work need to be balanced, so projects can be completed and work finished.

This week, while trying to work around the load shedding, I was working in the afternoons and into the late evenings… on Wednesday evening at my request, Jess made sweet orange and ginger chicken with rice, and Dave made chips, because he doesn’t like rice… an absolutely delicious meal.

On Thursday night, Jess made bacon savoury pancakes, and fresh raspberry sweet pancakes, from the left over raspberries that we didn’t eat before dinner. *Smile* A really special treat.

Yesterday, Jess made lunch for five… orange glazed chicken with rice and veggies. 🙂 As I didn’t work yesterday, I needed to finish some chores and get at least one project done today, so I asked Dave to help, which he gladly did. *Smile* And I’ve wanted spinach quiche for a few days, and we bought fresh spinach, and so I thought why not… I asked Dave to make Spinach Quiche for dinner. Despite never having made quiche, or even knowing how to spell the word… he went online, found a recipe, bought what he needed and made the most delicious spinach and mozzarella cheese quiche… And I finished a website… *Grin* because of the wonderful support and love I received from Dave and Jess, thank-you… I love you both very much. *Smile*

The website is for a very deserving project, with only volunteers who serve diligently for a worthy cause in aid of Disabled children. SARDA Durban, South African Riding for the Disabled, is a wonderful non-profit organisation that provides “therapy in motion” free of charge to children with special needs, helping to improve their quality of life. Please visit the website to find out more, please leave your feedback and comments, and share with family and friends… and everyone… everywhere. *Grin* The SARDA Durban volunteers really do an incredible job and deserve all the support we can give.

Thank-you so much.

SARDA Durban

Be happy… be awesome… be grateful… be love!


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