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I have so much to be grateful for, and I am blessed daily with miracles and unexpected gifts… as well as a wonderful life, a husband who loves and supports me… three amazing children who teach me more and more each day… friends who inspire me and touch my heart… and purpose and joy in the work I do.

I’m grateful for Heavenly Gifts of inspiration and creativity… the blessing of being able to work at home, (often in my pyjamas, *Smile*)… and for the productivity I do accomplish, and the projects I complete, despite the chaos that sometimes often surrounds me… and the many distractions that sometimes constantly grab my attention. (Mostly the never ending chores that abound in a family home and garden, *Grin*).

I would like to extend a special thank-you to my friend, Heila… whose beautiful heart, generous laugh and inspiring friendship… show even in the photos that are on my Woman of Worth website.

Thank-you Heila, for being my inspiring muse, even in digital photography. *Grin*

Heila, is a wonderful friend, beautiful woman, wife to a great guy and mother of two gorgeous boys. She works very hard to make her relationships and business a success. Heila is the most talented beauty therapist I know, with magical hands that have lifted me to float on heavenly clouds, while indulging in a little pamper and care… letting worldly cares and worry disappear, completely deleting the word stress from my vocabulary. *Smile*

Thank-you Heila, for allowing me to use your photographs… they are perfect.

Thanks also to Claire, Heila’s sister who is the creative talent behind the photographs, I am very grateful. *Smile*

Claire, is an intriguing creative woman of many talents, and has recently embarked on her photography career, using her delightful young daughters as her animated subjects… framing captured moments in stillness, while her photos burst with life. Although, Claire now calls Cape Town home, she has lived and travelled in South Africa and Europe, and still owns a house in Holland, after living in this delightful unique area of the world for more than a decade.

Please visit Claire’s website

I especially love Claire’s mermaid photos, they are amazing, and I can’t wait to see all her Snow White series which you can view on her Claire Harries Photography Facebook Page.

With thanks and gratitude,

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