Confessions ~ Chapter 1: Lashes

Confessions Chapter 1

Confessions To My Therapist

(…that’s my beauty therapist *Grin*)

Lashes, lashes… lovely lashes!

Chapter 1

Dearest Heila

I am so excited for my lash appointment tomorrow. *Grin*

I’m 47 years old, and I’ve never done anything like this before. I have highlights in my hair a couple of times a year, and I’ve had my eyelashes dyed black a few times, but I only started thinking about having lashes, when you showed me at my last facial how you apply the lashes. Painless. *Smile*

My facial was heavenly… I could happily have stayed forever. *Smile*

Jess thinks this is a huge joke… I was offered ‘plastic surgery’ by an eminent plastic surgeon in the country, as an experience for me to write about. I thought he was completely daft… but I was in my early 30’s …slim, trim, toned and with no evidence of wrinkles or flab. Not sure what I would do if the offer was extended now. *Sigh*

The one time I had “nails” applied, I nearly went nuts, and I’m embarrassed to admit, they only lasted about three hours, and were totally gone in four hours. Of course you weren’t my beauty therapist all those years ago, so maybe you are the difference in my experimentation. *Grin*

I’m surrounded by blue eyed long lashes. *Mournful Sigh*

Dave, and all three our children have different coloured blue eyes, all beautifully unique… and framed by dark lovely lashes. How could my 22 year old son, be blessed with such amazingly long lashes, that he doesn’t even appreciate… Of course Jess has lovely dark lashes, even without mascara, and with a flick of one brush, and just a smidge of mascara, she has long gorgeous lashes that frame her beautiful eyes.

I have light almost colourless, nearly invisible and impossible to see eye lashes with green eyes.

Not the ‘green’ eyes of jealously though… I like being green amidst the blue, *Grin* and those lashes are going to give my face a happy change.

Can’t wait… so excited!
Happy Mands


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