Confessions ~ Chapter 6: Lashes


Confessions To My Therapist

(…that’s my beauty therapist *Grin*)

Lashes, lashes… lovely lashes!

Chapter 6

Dearest Heila

I can’t believe it.

Seriously… there is no justice for Luscious Lashes.

I have enjoyed the rain despite how cold it’s been. This morning the air was clean and clear. Outside the sun was warm for an otherwise cold overcast day … and I have been enjoying my day, watching the birds in the garden from my desk, as I look up from my work.

It’s only been a week since the last ‘smoked lash’ incident, and would you believe, the pyro-neighbour is at it again?

The air is full of smoke. My eyes are burning and watering, and I can hardly breathe.

There must be some recourse. (And a lawyer somewhere who will sue, seriously… this is ridiculous.)

Back (Black) Lashed,


PS… The auto spell correct for “Mands” is “Madness” …they have no idea!


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