Confessions ~ Chapter 10: Lashes

Confessions To My Therapist

(…that’s my beauty therapist *Grin*)

Lashes, lashes… lovely lashes!

Chapter 10

Dearest Heila

Great News!

My lashes are growing back.


They’re really short… really indistinct and barely discernible… but definitely there… and definitely growing! (Happy, wriggly dance like no-one’s watching, which of course no-one is watching because everyone is asleep at 4:06am in the morning, which is where I should be, asleep in bed *Smile*).

I’m really, really excited for my appointment with you tomorrow, Heila.

Or is it today?

Just one quick question, can we postpone my lashes until next month, until my own eyelashes have grown back a bit more?

It’s our wedding anniversary… We’ve been married 26 years, (that’s me and Dave, not me and you) isn’t that awesome?

And, I’m 5 kilograms slimmer… Can you believe it, I lost 5 kilograms.

(Yay, happy dance like no one’s watching *Grin*).

Seriously, Heila… you are wonderful and amazing and you give the most fabulous facials, so I think I’ll change my mind if that’s ok with you and have a facial. *Grin*

Oh my gosh… I nearly forgot to tell you!
Heaven sakes.

I have wrinkles… under my eyes.
Not laugh lines on the side, where my eyes crinkle when I laugh.

Real… undoubtable, unmistakeable wrinkles.


Ungraceful ageing,

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