Confessions to my therapist…

My beautiful friend, Heila.

My beautiful friend, Heila.

Confessions To My Therapist
(…that’s my beauty therapist *Grin*)

Confessions to my therapist is a column dedicated to my beautiful friend Heila, who is not only the gorgeous woman you see in the photos on the website, she is also a wonderful wife, an incredible mom, and a special friend… and during this year, has become my beauty therapist. (Which considering I discovered wrinkles on my face for the first time, I need more than I imagined *Smile*)

During my pamper sessions, Heila has inspired me to laugh, allowed me to talk more than even I usually do, and then ensured that I am quiet and relaxed so she could give me the nurturing care I need.

Need, because this year more than most, I have struggled with my roller coaster health… despite how much water I drink every day, and the healthy way I usually eat.

A few weeks ago, I was complimenting Heila as a mother… and then giving her well-deserved compliments as my beauty therapist while expressing my gratitude, when she humbly thanked me… sharing an interesting situation that she had experienced a few weeks previously.

I say interesting, because for some of us it may have been a hurtful experience, that I know I would have held onto with a bit more ‘resentment’ as I really do have to work on ‘letting go’ of stuff, and I am hyper, super sensitive.

I know that Heila is a warm, emotional and sensitive person, as she couldn’t be the amazing beauty therapist she is, without a depth of empathy that very few people have.

One of Heila’s regular more mature clients was having a treatment, sharing how well her granddaughter was doing at school, and that she was still deciding whether to study medicine or beauty therapy.  The grandmother went onto explain that the family were trying to encourage her to go to medical school, while strongly dissuading her from going to college to study beauty therapy… ‘as you know that’s just not what you want an intelligent young girl to study!’

Of course Heila’s breath caught as she paused for a moment during the treatment… wondering if her client had any idea, just what she meant… and how hurtful her words were.

Heila, I know is a much better person than I am… because, I don’t think I would have hesitated to add bleach to whatever treatment I was busy performing.  (Which of course she didn’t… and didn’t even think of *Smile* …because she isn’t like me, *LOL*).

I know without doubt, despite my health challenges this year, that nine times out of ten I would rather book an appointment with Heila for a massage, than go to my medical practitioner, who is really amazing… but simply because the benefits I gain from a massage are for me, far more beneficial… then the medication I usually have to consume after a trip to the doctor. Now please understand, I’m not advocating that you don’t go to the Doctor when you are ill… and please, I’m not saying that you stop taking your medication after you have a massage… what I am saying is that the health benefits I enjoy… physically, emotionally and mentally from a massage by Heila, are so amazing, that it usually sorts out whatever small ailment I’m struggling with at the time… and well… my GP has the coldest hands on the planet… costs R375.00 for 15 minutes, and I’m sure doesn’t have a clue how to give me a massage (eeeew) or a facial… Seriously!


I know by the certificates hanging in Heila’s therapy room… that she has studied, and studied, and studied some more… for years.
(And that she has many more certificates at home. *Smile*)

Anatomy… the skin, pressure points. How to treat each client individually and take into account their ailments and problems, because a therapist, can do more harm than good, if they aren’t correctly schooled and are irresponsible… and most people wouldn’t even realise. What aroma therapy oils to use… how to recognise skin problems, and treat them for the best results… require hours of study and years at college.

I know how many times my skin has been scalded, burned or the top layer removed during a waxing… something I seldom have as a consequence.

There is a difference between a ‘beautician‘ and a ‘beauty therapist‘ …and I’m disparaging of neither… the later requiring a minimum of three years of college, with several diplomas to qualify for a degree.

I know that after a massage, I always feel better… energised, happier and more relaxed… and I sleep blissfully well. *Grin*
I know that after just four facials during the past six months, my skin looks younger and more radiant… and I would go every month if my budget allowed. (Hopefully, having started work again, I will be able to go more often. *Smile*)

I also know that an hour full body massage with Heila, has done my shoulder blade and back muscles, and also my neck more benefit, than any stretching I’ve done and painkillers I’ve taken. I would go for a massage every week, even using my credit card if it would stretch that far. *Grin*

The calm, private nurturing space that Heila creates each time I visit for a treatment, makes me feel safe enough to unclothe, relax and share my vulnerability and innermost feelings… something I never do with anyone else other than family.

Heila’s skills require much more than the certificates she’s earned and the years of experience she’s worked… they require the respect and reverence she honours me with, each and every moment we spend time together… trust and integrity she always unconditionally gives, easy calm to make me feel comfortable, and a safe haven to be vulnerable and naked, emotionally and physically even while I’m covered with a sheet.

I hope you enjoy reading “Confessions To My Therapist (…that’s my beauty therapist *Grin*)” as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing them. *Smile*

With love, laughter and blessings to “my therapist”.


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  1. Tiiiiizzzzzzzy! Thank-you my special friend, for visiting my website, it means so much to me, and thank-you for your fabulous comment and compliment. *Grin*

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